Surfer PackageBasic Internet

  • 10Mbps Download Speed
  • 2Mbps Upload Speed
  • 100GB of Monthly Data
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • No Equipment to Rent or Buy*
$ 59 .95 per month

Streamer PackageStream Away

  • 18Mbps Download Speed
  • 5Mbps Upload Speed
  • 400GB of Monthly Data
  • No Equipment to rent or buy**
  • Enough For Most Families
$ 69 .95 per month

Binger PackageAdd Television

$ 79 .95 per month

*Purchase of a CipherTV Bar is Required to Receive Television Services
**No External Equipment to Rent or Buy for an Internet connection. A wireless Router is required to have WIFi in your house.
All Based on a 1 Yr. Term

These payment options are for customers who already have an account.
For those seeking to obtain service please fill in the site-check form