Cable Wholesale 30

Cable Wholesale 30 Only $59.95 per Month

The Cable Wholesale 30 package is our newest offerring. It is has a 30 Mbps download speed and 5Mbps upload speed and comes with Unlimitted Data. In order to receive this service you must live in an area that can be serviced by Shaw Cable System. The CRTC has mandated that the Large Monopolies must make their Infrastructure available to smaller Internet Service Providers to provide a competitive Internet Service Package. MYBC Datacom is a Wholesale Provider. While the service is carried over the Shaw Cable System all billing and Customer Service is provided by MYBC Datacom. That is why you get unlimited data and pricing that is far below any comperable Internet Service available in the city you live in.

In addition to Internet you can add television Services through our partnership with Cipher TV. Get the Wholesale 30 Package with 62 TV channels for only $79.95. That is about the same money per month as Telus or Shaw sell just an Internet connection with the same speed for. Plus you Get Unlimited Data and there is no Telus or Shaw package that gives you Unlimitted Data..


To order this package please contact our Office at 778-489-1567